We are an innovation firm committed to creating positive impact.

We provide strategic, creative and technical expertise to help Fortune 500, SMEs and startups bring disruptive products, services, and experiences to the market and grow internal capabilities for creating a better future.

Our Story

Established in 2005, only a year after Gmail was launched, YouTube and Reddit were created and Accel Partners invested 12.7M on a new company called Facebook, we were born and raised during a wave of disruption and we know how to ride it. Over the last decade, we have partnered with all sorts of companies from startups to large enterprises and government agencies across more than 20 countries over 5 continents, working on a diversity of projects with one common factor: growth through innovation.

While we might not be able to brag about our many decades of old-fashioned innovation, nor show you kudos from the last century and replicate them as brand-new "innovations", we have a proven track record of being creative, agile and more than capable to help leading visionaries shape a better future.

We help companies make things better or make better things.

Our track record includes clients from multiple sectors including consumer goods, hospitality, professional services, healthcare, biotechnology, public sector, digital products, software, hardware, and even pet food. While verticality is not our forte, our wide experience enables us to match our clients' markets, cultural factors and operational realities, while we always focus on generating measurable outcomes for their businesses, consumers and society. Long story short, we help you make things better or make better things.

Whatever it takes,we’ll make it real.

We partner with Fortune 500, SMEs and startups, with a rigorous focus on their business objectives and operational realities. We work close with our clients on every step from idea to the market.

As a rule of thumb, our work consists of providing our clientes a tailored combination of strategic, creative and technical expertise in the most suitable way for their specific case, to both help them realize game-changing innovations and build the necesary capabilities to capitalize them and make them sustainable. Whatever it takes, we help you make it real.

Multiple disciplines,unified vision.

Our team consists of a divergent group of designers, business analysts and engineers, all of them with a design-thinking mindset and a bit of a mad-scientist DNA. Despite our heterogeneousness, we share a hunger to learn, a fascination for solving complex challenges, and an obsession for results.

We are curious, collaborative, and use our collective experience and knowledge to transform ambitious ideas into profitable realities.

You don’t see it?Now you do!

Although innovation sounds like luck or magic, in reality, when done right it’s a repeatable process involving strategy, design, research, and development. As an innovation partner we help our clients embrace innovation or find new ways to generate growth from their innovation innitiatives.

If you are familiar with Batman, we are like a real life Lucius Fox secret department helping companies develop their superpowers (except we don’t work for Bruce Wayne and we won’t advice our clients to wear tight costumes).

Have a challenge you’d like us to explore?