Creating business value through design

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The Value of Innovation

Despite the obvious commercial benefits of designing great products and services, consistently realizing this goal is notoriously hard—and getting harder. Only the very best designs now stand out from the crowd, given the rapid rise in consumer expectations driven by the likes of Amazon; instant access to global information and reviews; and the blurring of lines between hardware, software, and services. Companies need stronger design capabilities than ever before.

So how do companies deliver exceptional designs, launch after launch? What is design worth? To answer these questions, we have conducted what we believe to be (at the time of writing) the most extensive and rigorous research undertaken anywhere to study the design actions that leaders can make to unlock business value. Our intent was to build upon, and strengthen, previous studies and indices, such as those from the Design Management Institute.

Our Principles

While innovation is a broad and often vague term, we work under a very specific scope: Business Value. Wheter your challenge is delivering a better experience, taking a new product to the market, re-defining an internal process or something entirely different, we always apply the following to ensure we make the right efforts for the right purpose in order to produce meaningful impact.

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